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    HIPAA Starter Kit

    Products to Simplify

    Save time and money by ordering our HIPAA Starter Kit. Designed to help you easily and efficiently comply with the HIPAA mandates, this kit saves your practice hundreds of hours of work.

    • Starter Kit Includes:
    • 250 HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice Forms (#120)
      Written Notice of Privacy Practices must be provided to patients on or before the first encounter and to other persons upon request. The Notice notifies the patient of all uses and disclosures of his or her protected health information. In addition, this form has a removable label that provides practices with a written acknowledgement that the patient received the Privacy Notice, as required to be HIPAA compliant. Available in Spanish.
    • 100 PHI Access Log Forms (#103)
      Allows you to track "uses" of PHI in each individual patient medical record. Form includes date, name and title of employee accessing the patient medical record and the reason for access.
    • 100 PHI Disclosure Log Forms (#104)
      As required by HIPAA, you must track to whom disclosures of PHI are made. This form, retained in each patient's medical record, includes the pertinent information that should be recorded when disclosures are made. This form will be photocopied for patients who request an "Accounting of Disclosures."
    • 50 Patient Request for Amendment of Health Information Forms (#105)
      The patient who requests that an amendment be made to his record will be asked to complete this request. It contains all elements necessary for the provider to make a decision to grant or deny the request. The form is retained in the patient's medical record.
    • 50 Patient Request for Accounting of Disclosure Forms (#106)
      The patient who requests an "Accounting of Disclosures" will be asked to complete this form that requires the patient to provide the purpose of the requests, the dates requested, etc. The form, retained in the patient's medical record, also allows you to record the date you comply with the requests.
    • 50 Patient Request to Inspect/Review PHI Forms (#107)
      The patient who requests to inspect or review protected health information will be asked to complete this form that requires the patient to provide information regarding which information and/or dates are being requested. The form, retained in the patient's medical record, also allows you to record when and how the records are reviewed, if the review is denied, the reason for the denial and the denial notification date.
    • 50 Patient Request for Confidential Communications Forms (#108)
      The patient may request alternate means of communication. For example, a patient may request that they not be phoned at home or that mail be sent to an alternate address. In cases such as this, the patient will be asked to complete this form that requires the patient to outline specific communication requests.
    • 50 Patient Request for Restrictions on Use and Disclosure of PHI Forms (#109)
      The patient who requested that all or part of his PHI be restricted through use (within your practice) or through disclosure (to outside entities) will complete this form. The patient will provide specific information on WHAT he wants restricted and FROM WHOM. The form, retained in the patient's medical record, allows you to record when and how this request is granted, denied and/or terminated.
    • 50 PHI Tracking Log Forms (#110)
      This comprehensive log allows the practice to track the status of each request the patient may have made. It summarizes all forms that will be completed by the patient that are filed in the medical record: Request to Inspect/Copy, Request for Restrictions, Request for Confidential Communication, Request for Amendment, and Request for Accounting of Disclosures. The use of this log will eliminate the need to look through the entire record to determine if the patient has exercised any privacy rights.� All information is on this one form.
    • 5 HIPAA Employee Training Record Forms (#101)
      A record of the HIPAA programs attended by the employee, number of hours attended, location, etc. Retain form in individual employees' personnel file.
    • 5 HIPAA Practice Training Record Forms (#102)
      A record of each HIPAA educational program you provide for employees. Includes title of program, number of hours, and attendees. Retain form in your HIPAA Compliance Manual.
    • 1 Notice of Privacy Practices Poster
      Contains the entire Notice of Privacy Practice form and meets the HIPAA rewquirements fo posting the Notice of Privacy Practice. Fits perfectly into a standard frame. Size: 11" x 17". Unlaminted. Available in Spanish


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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 October, 2006.


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