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    Corporate Image Laser Check with Extreme Security Starter Set

    Starter Kit - $119.95
    Extreme Value - Increase Security...Lower Your Cost
    Free Logo  

    These state of the art laser/inkjet checks offer the highest level of protection against check fraud! Your company name or logo can be in the background of your checks in a darker or lighter color. The Corporate Image checks are completely custom and offer the most security of any check on the market. They even include Thermochromic Ink. Unlike checks on the market, only your company can buy these. They can be any of our standard ink colors or your corporate PMS ink color on any background you design. Our backgrounds include Phantom, Reverse Phantom, Step & Repeat or a combination of all three. Sample shown is designed for Quicken® and QuickBooks®. Guaranteed software compatibility. These checks have a production time of only 6 working days.

    Lower your liability in the fight against check fraud. You can prove you have utilized not just ordinary, but extraordinary care! Click here to read more

    Quicken�, Quickbooks�, and Peachtree�

    Quickbooks®, Quicken®, Peachtree®, and ANY SOFTWARE

    Check 21 Compliant
    • Description:
    • 8.5" x 11" sheet 24lb MICR paper
    • 2 perforations @ 3.5" & 7" or @ 3 2/3" & 7 1/3"
    • Top, Middle, or Bottom Checks
    • Free Standard Security Features:
    • Free Custom Design: Choose your unique company background: Phantom, Reverse Phantom, Step & Repeat or a combination of all three, ink colors, and add your corporate logo to make your check very fraud resistant.
    • Stock Logo - Choose a business design from our distinctive selection of designs, symbols, or letters to enhance your professional appearance.
    • Custom Logo - Use your own custom logo for a more professional appearance, your company's logo can be added to your imprinted checks and forms at no additional charge.
    • Main Line Type Style - choose from our 9 standard type styles for your company name.
    • Background Patterns - choose from our 6 secure backgrounds to customize your checks.
    • Color Background - colored backgrounds that inhibit alteration.
    • Copy Pantograph - series of the word "COPY" appears in the background when check is scanned or copied.
    • Erasure Protection - the ink printed on the background of the check may be removed, leaving a white mark, when an eraser is used to alter the face of the check.
    • Chemical-Sensitive Paper - protects against tampering and/or washing using high polarity solvents (alcohols) and oxidants (bleaches) by staining the paper.
    • Fluorescent Fibers - are in our #24 MICR paper. The fibers are visible under special UV lights and cannot be duplicated by copiers and scanners.
    • Microprinting - very small text in the border & signature line(s) that is so fine, it deters attempts at reproduction using scanners or copiers.
    • Regulation CC Box - lists the overt security features that are in place, and describes how to detect if the check has been copied or altered.
    • Security Screen - specially formulated inks and graphics used for printing "Original Document" verbage on back of the check make it visible to the eye but difficult to duplicate.
    • Thermochromic Ink - special ink that changes color when heat is applied. Just touch it with your finger and it will turn from red to white.
    • Warning Bands - text around the check stating that the check has certain security features.

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    Voucher Imprint :
    Check Position :
    Background Pattern :
    Check Size :
    Background Color :
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    Text Imprint Color :
    2nd Ink Color :
    -- 2nd Custom PMS Ink Color:
    3rd Ink Color :
    -- 3rd Custom PMS Ink Color:
    Stock Logos:
    Custom Logo (free of charge) :
    Phantom Logo:
    1st Voucher Phantom :
    2nd Voucher Phantom :
    Bank Name:
    Bank City, State, ZIP :
    Bank Routing Fraction :
    Transit Number :
    Account Number :
    Text Over Signature Line:
    Signature Lines :
    Artificial Watermark on Back :
    Starting Number:
    Paper Position :
    Product Number :
    Software Version / Other Software:
    Type in any information
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    consider when processing
    your order.

    VERY IMPORTANT: For SECURITY purposes and ACCURACY, WE REQUIRE all first time orders to be scanned and emailed, faxed or mailed. We must have A COPY OF YOUR CURRENT CHECK, DEPOSIT TICKET OR BANK SPECIFICATION SHEET to correctly setup your order and have the correct spacing of your routing and account numbers. To EXPIDITE YOUR ORDER, please do this at the time you place your order. Email your scan to, fax to (888) 392-5634, or mail to PO Box 20113, Indianapolis, IN 46220-0113.

    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 March, 2007.


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